About Us


Established in 2011, BSICO builds on the legacy of a leading plumbing and piping systems market player in Jeddah, Western Region of Saudi Arabia. Today, BSICO is a thriving company within a collaborative group that leverages the unique professional skills of its members. From here, the globally-oriented strategies are developed, including business agreements and joint ventures across Europe, Asia, and Africa.

BSICO proudly presents the VALSIR brand of plumbing products, manufactured in Italy with a commitment to excellence. As the sole agent of VALSIR, BSICO distributes a wide range of products, including waste and water supply systems, underfloor heating systems, and flush cisterns with air and hydraulic components. Customers can count on high-quality products at competitive prices, along with comprehensive pre- and after-sales support that includes technical assistance and specification assistance for consultants and contractors.

BSICO has established a strong presence in Saudi Arabia's regions and is achieving remarkable success in even the most challenging markets. With branches in Riyadh and Jeddah, and a warehouse for immediate material supply, BSICO serves customers throughout Saudi Arabia. As a Saudi-licensed company and official agent for VALSIR in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, BSICO provides sales, logistical and technical support by engineers trained in Italy, committed to serving its customers' needs.

For five years, BSICO has maintained a successful long-term relationship with VALSIR, working on numerous high-profile projects such as towers, hospitals, factories, and the Riyadh Metro. The latter is a particularly noteworthy achievement, where BSICO's design and supply of the UFC system in the main station A1 has contributed to the project's success.